Joining the Seals

So far there has been one 3D animation fully completed for the DDA CMT website and it took quite a while due to its length, mixture of live actor interaction with 3D animation, and syncing mouth movements to the audio. Unfortunately, there are about ten more of these animations to do for our website so it is going to be a long ongoing project between our other work.

I have been lucky enough to have had a full workload up until now and have been spared the daunting task of animating one of these pieces until now. I was involved in the beginning with the 3D modeling and got to create the environment, but that was the end of my part. But my schedule is now clearing up and it has become my time to join my fellow worker in animating the DDA SEAL. SEAL stands for something as most of the words that DDA usually do, like DDA for example.

DDA = Dynamic Digital Advertising
CMT = Corporate and Medical Training
BYOV = Build Your Own Video
SEM = Search Engine Marketing
ISOM = Inside Out Man
ZOZ = Zero One Zero
BB of ALT = Building Blocks of Advanced Learning Tools
APPS = Applications
CME = Continuing Medical Education
CRM = Customer Relationship Management

What can I say? DDA likes to abbreviate. So what does SEAL stand for? Self Education through Advanced Learning. You can check out the one finished SEAL video at the DDA CMT website here. Look forward to more in the future.