Keeping it Running

I found out that I have not been receiving staff emails yesterday. I can’t pinpoint when I stopped getting them, but I know at some point in the past I was getting them. Since I didn’t know when they were being sent out and they aren’t too frequent, I didn’t really notice that they stopped. I don’t know how I somehow disappeared from the list either. I just hope I didn’t miss anything important.

I discovered this problem because Andrew sent out an email addressed to many people because when he sent a staff email originally, he didn’t receive a copy and didn’t think it worked. Amy replied saying that the sender doesn’t get a copy, but I noticed that I hadn’t received the original message either. So I inquired and Amy looked into it and said I wasn’t on the list. What!? Why? When? How? Anyway, I told Tyler and he fixed me up. Now I’ll be back in the loop for any company-wide emails now. Luckily this was discovered before anything too important was sent or it could have been a bigger problem potentially in the future.

You must stay alert to recognize problems with technology. It’s always at work even when you are not. You may not have changed anything on a server, but it can crash or stop working which can send our programmers into a frenzy to get it running again. The advanced programming on a website from 3 years ago may just not work anymore because of updates made to the programming language itself. This may seem unfair, but they are trying to improve the language I suppose. Of course there are also the sporadic problems that occur because of the ill intent of hackers. Hackers keep coming up with more and more sophisticated methods of exploiting holes in database programming that can allow them to steal information or delete full tables of information with ease. Again, our programmers scramble to fix these situations, but it is not such a big deal here since we have everything backed up and ready to reload in the case of an emergency. Then we would find the hole and fix it and take note of the problem so it doesn’t happen again on future sites. Making a website is one thing, but keeping it running cleanly is another job in itself.