Keeping the Storms Away

The morning commute today was interesting to say the least. I woke up and we were in the middle of a surprise snow storm that nobody seemed prepared for. Shortly after waking up I received a phone call from my dad telling me to drive carefully because roads are bad and there are a lot of accidents. He’s always paranoid about snow so I didn’t take his call too seriously. Once I got onto the road though, I knew he wasn’t exaggerating. My turn onto Route 313 had me stuck in a line of traffic that may have topped out at 15 miles per hour at its fastest if it wasn’t at a dead stop. This is on a road with a speed limit of 45 that is regularly exceeded by the cars on it. I don’t think the borough was ready for this and it was making for a dangerous mess on the roads. A power line must have been down somewhere too because a stop light was out of commission and blinking orange. I thought that this was the cause of the slowness at first, but the traffic woes continued even after I made it through that intersection.

It was all due to the icy conditions that this storm was bringing so people were just taking it really slow. By the time I got off that road I was almost 40 minutes late already. From there though the roads kept getting clearer and clearer until amazingly there was no snow at all and it all felt like a weird dream. I wonder if the weather forecasters would have been more on top of things and would have been able to make the public more aware of the incoming squall, would the morning commute would have been just fine? You never know though because we can only try to battle mother nature to a point before we just become helpless.

At DDA, we have better luck in our battles on the Internet. We can try to prevent the “storms” thanks to knowledge, experience, and plenty of testing. With our lead programmer always keeping up her knowledge on the latest loopholes and attack points that those pesky hackers try to exploit, we can always take preventative measures to protect our websites before they are attacked. The standard protective measures are always taken from the start and we are sure to have our databases backed up regularly in case of any emergencies that may happen.

Our extensive testing during project development also prevents the non-hacker related problems. Bugs like incorrect logic or misspellings can cause issues, but thorough simulations and testing of all areas can flush out the bugs so that we can fix them one at a time.  If only we could do that with stink bugs… Once those are fixed, it’s time to test it all again. We do so much custom programming around here that testing and debugging has become second nature. Doing it so much gives you a certain skill in doing it. All the experience makes the process faster and makes fixing it easier. We don’t forget about text either. Though text may not have to “work” in a certain way, it still needs to be grammatically correct and be spelled correctly. That’s why we have our copywriters do some proofing of their own on any posted text to make sure there are no mistakes left out there.

So call DDA for your next project and keep the storms away on your trip down the information super highway.