Keeping Track

Recently, we have started adding a little bit of Actionscript code to our flash pieces to help keep track of who was the last one to work on it. We are using an ingenious little method that Laurence came up with, which involves adding a little code snippet to the Flash.

This little piece of code that we are adding, makes it possible for us to use our mouse to right click on the live Flash piece and see information that we added to it. We are adding the date it was modified and your own initials. For example, today I would type “072208VS.” This way, if someone else needs to update an existing Flash piece, they can check the live version on the website and right click it to see the information. They will then know who to go to in order to get the latest version and what the date of the file should be. This takes away any possibility of assumptions or guesses being made as to who had worked on the item last.

The little details, like this Flash tracking code, can really save time and headaches in the long run. Methods like this one Laurence came up with, keep DDA running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and that efficiency is something that can be passed onto our clients. Since DDA tracks all of the time worked on projects and only bills on that time, every little bit of time we can save here is money saved for them.