Keeping with the Times

At DDA, we are heavy into technology and keeping with the latest advances. To do this we are constantly on the lookout for new equipment, software, and methods. New programs are being made everyday in the ever evolving field that we are in, so exploring them and the possibilities that they can open for us is essential. Even if it isn’t a new program, it could be some sort of addition to something that already exists to make it easier to use or more versatile.

Some recent examples of these new technologies and advances were just discovered last week by Laurence, the Head of the Video Department. They are a Flash Actionscript 3 add-on and an add-on for websites called Piclens.

The Actionscript 3 add-on is meant to make Actionscript programming quicker just by writing code for you that is typically similar and generic in every use, but is still time consuming to write. This add-on lets you check boxes to change the specifications and then generates the code to start a new event.

Piclens on the other hand, is a freeware program that you can add to your own website or just use for your own benefit while browsing the web. It creates a wall of images that you can traverse in a seemingly 3D environment. You can also use it to play video if an image is clicked on.

These were just two things discovered last week and I’m sure this week will bring some new finds as well.

I was told in college that we are being taught to learn instead of being taught a certain programming language or program from front to back. The curriculum was built this way because in this field a method that may be used today as the standard could be old and inefficient the next.

Learning to learn will keep you on the forefront.