Know the Lingo

I was working in Macromedia Director again this past day and instead of just updates, this time I needed to add some code.

This would be my first time dealing with the Director programming language called Lingo. From my first small adventure working with it, I can tell you that Lingo is certainly different from any other programming language I have used before.

Let me explain.

The first action I wanted to code was to make the scene skip from frame 2 to frame 95. This would normally be done as Flash with a gotoAndPlay(95) or gotoAndStop(95) command, but Lingo uses something strangely similar to normal speech. I had to type “go to the frame + 93″.

Using the word “the” in code! That’s unheard of!

Since I am so used to conventional programming languages, this conversion to Lingo style, speech-like coding has proved to be a unique challenge that provided some interesting and fun learning.

I find Lingo code to be an interesting approach to programming. I can see how it could help the average person who has never programmed in their life to more easily pick up the concepts and program their own Director application. On the other hand, as an experienced “code monkey,” I may be the one who has more trouble picking up the language due to the sharp differences and new concepts used in Lingo as compared to other languages.

Either way, it is a new adventure for me and I’m glad that I always seem to be learning something new on the job.