Last Second Victory

I somehow managed a last second victory in fantasy football last night. I had to get 30 points to snag a victory and I only had the Jets defense and the unpredictable Randy Moss left in Monday night’s game. The catch too was that any time Randy Moss would score I would most likely lose points for the Jets defense. So to fast forward a bit, Randy Moss had one touchdown and the defense was doing pretty well otherwise. I was still down quite a bit though and hope was fading for a win. In the last minutes of the game the magic man did the only thing that could seal the deal for me. Brett Favre did what he does best and threw an interception. That alone wouldn’t have been enough, but this interception was returned for a touchdown. This put me over the top by two points! Oh boy that was an exciting match up. I’m sure my opponent will be upset about that one. It’s still early in the season, but I needed that victory. Every one is hard to come by since this is a well matched league this year.

I guess the lesson there was to not count out your team until the final seconds tick off the clock. At DDA this might translate to don’t give up. Keep on trying and maybe you can come up with a solution even if it is near the ending due date. A little research on the internet for a solution can go a long way as compared to guessing. Sometimes it may just take a proper rewording of you search terms to find the desired results you’re looking for. Other times you just need to find a creative different way to accomplish what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you are working on 3D animation, video editing, advanced programming, custom web design, or anything else, there is probably a solution to your problem out there on the web. If there’s not, then you’ll just have to use your noggin and think of a creative work around. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you today. We’ll find a way to do it.