My mom brought home leftovers from a wedding she worked at that was for vegans and vegetarians. The things we got to eat were just sliced up cooked vegetables wrapped in a noodle-like casing with a little cheese inside. The vegan option was roughly the same except the wrapping was a pastry and there was no cheese. Not the best things I’ve ever had and not the best way for vegetarians to convert others. If they are going to get people to join the vegetable-only way of life, then they are going to have to make some better tasting dishes for the meat eaters. I’ve had plenty of vegetarian dishes that were delicious and could live with eating them year round, but these just basically tasted like vegetables. There wasn’t even any fancy spicing, sauces, or creative combination to make these things interesting. Luckily my mom made some homemade garden sauce with a kick to go with it. The wedding people didn’t get this luxury, but thank goodness we did. The sauce alone was great and covered up the all boring vegetable flavor nicely.

Now it may sound like I just hate the taste of vegetables and that may be true for some vegetables, but others are more likable like corn and tomatoes. The vegetables used were all the icky vegetable tasting vegetables. So yeah, I didn’t like them much. Restaurants that specialize in vegetarian/vegan foods are usually the ones who know how to do it right and make it a still enjoyable experience for the meat eaters. Half the time the best dishes are the ones that can imitate meat items in a good way. Anyway I’m looking forward to something more tasty tonight.

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