Life of Its Own

What I can tell you about YBML right now is that it is a social networking site, but that’s all I can tell you… for now. Social networking sites are made by companies but they really come to life when the users get a hold of them.

You never know how a mass of people may use a social networking site. It may be planned out one way, but users may find a different purpose or use for it that no one had ever foreseen. Let’s use MySpace as an example. It started out as just a place for people to make personal pages that they could fill with other types of media like video clips, pictures, and songs. People do use it like that, but they have also found other ways to use its abilities. It has become a prime place for bands. Bands and other musical artists have used it as a free way to promote themselves and have their own little piece of the web where they can actually post their music for people to freely listen to. Now that is a great use that was not initially foreseen.

Along with the good though, comes the bad. It has been a big news story in past years that pedophiles were using MySpace as a way to find and contact children. More regulation and supervision was needed by parents and I think that most people are aware of this danger now. When it first came out though, it was an undiscovered evil.

So social networking sites end up, whether you like it or not, being whatever the users want it to be. The makers can only build the framework as a guide. Hopefully when we are done programming YBML, it will be a hit and used more for good than bad.