Long Weekend

The long Memorial Day weekend was great and relaxing. The garden is finally full of all sorts of plants and seeds looking to sprout up and grow some glorious produce. It may have taken several hours of sweating every day to accomplish, but it was worth it. We can only hope that it yields nicely now. We barbecued a couple times and we’ve determined that my dad is incapable of not burning food on the grill. We also played a bunch of basketball and took many dips in the pool to cool off in the heat of the day. The weather was pretty amazing all weekend, so it made for a great break.

Today it’s back to work, though it will be a nice shortened work week. Plenty of things await doing for the staff here. There is 3D animation, flash animation, advanced programming, graphic design, copywriting, video editing, SEO, and many other things from the list of services that will be done. As long as there are things to do, DDA will be there to do them. For clients and for the company itself, there are many projects currently underway. I know I’ll be focusing on a new iPad and iPhone compatible portfolio for DDA. This one should be a fully comprehensive list of all of our projects ever. Who knows how many projects we are up to now? We will see soon.