Long Weekend

The 4th of July is here soon! It’s time for fireworks, barbecues, walking in the park, flying kites, eating watermelon, and seeing all your friends. It’s a great time of year and the 4th of July always reminds me of a different event.

Strangely enough the 4th of July gets me excited for my hometown’s Community Day celebration in the park. This annual event is host to some of the greatest summertime activities and entertainment that our little town can offer. Canoe races in the creek, a watermelon eating contest, hot air balloon rides, face painting, water balloon tossing contests, and tons of various music and other entertainment.

The highlight though is the fireworks display at night. Numerous local businesses donate money to buy the fireworks. The fireworks are shot off a couple hundred feet away, so you really can’t get any closer to the action than you already are. Plus the short distance makes the chance of a stray firework launching toward the crowd seem possible, and always keeps you alert.

I was assuming that we would not get a day off for the 4th of July since we only work 4 days a week and the holiday falls on a Friday, but DDA gets off on Thursday!

This was a welcome surprise and really put me in the summertime ‘proud to be an American’ mood. This surprise day off could give any worker a boost in their work ethic, whether you’re a programmer, writer, or graphic designer and DDA did just that.