Longtime Sunshine

Now that we’ve moved past the last big snow storm and into March, I feel like Spring weather is just around the corner. The drive to work felt a little sunnier. My office looked a little brighter in the morning. The snow piles seemed to be shrinking steadily. So my hopes of Spring arriving are in full swing and another bad snow storm would put me in a permafrost of winter doldrums.

I know last Easter it was a little chilly, but maybe this coming Easter will have that great warming glow from the sun. An Easter egg hunt in pleasant weather would be awesome. I can’t stop thinking about feeling the warm sun on my skin. It’s almost like I’m craving it. I don’t know how people in those year-round cold places can stand it. Well, Canadians I can understand since they are living in such a friendly pleasant place, but everyone else I don’t know. Anyone living in a place that has only a few hours of daylight at any point in the year needs to move. They should spend every hour of that daylight walking towards the equator where they can get some sun. It will better their moods if they can take in some rays.

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