Lots of Languages

I have been working with manipulating strings in various languages lately. I’ve needed to for dealing with passing unknown numbers of strings, so I end up concatenating all the strings together into one giant string with each item being separated by a decided delimiter character and sending it through as one variable. Something surprising to me is that I found it easier to cut up this giant string into the individual strings with Flash programming than with coldfusion. Flash had a function already made to do exactly what I needed. Coldfusion on the other hand didn’t, unless I am missing something, so I am currently still trying to combine the functions it does have to do what I want.

Core concepts and practices of programming languages are generally all the same at heart, but each one is different. They differ in the syntax and available built-in abilities and depending on their purpose, they vary in what they can do. When comparing Flash and Coldfusion programming the basic programming concepts are intact for both. When I say core concepts I am referring to variables, loops, and functions. Both languages have all of these abilities intact but each has it’s own syntax. Switching back and forth yesterday forced me to go to the internet repeatedly to refresh my mind as to which way to program in the language I was using at the moment. The additional built-in functions of Flash are all related to timelines, animation, and object oriented functions which are specific to what Flash does. Coldfusion on the other hand is sporting lots of database query and output code since it’s main purpose is to send and receive database data.

Programmers all know that languages differ, but luckily learning a new language when you already know one is much easier than learning your first language. It’s just because you already know the main concepts. Custom programming with many languages is a challenge and it may force you to refresh your mind on how to program with a certain language, but it can be done. I wouldn’t recommend learning too many languages to use regularly because I can only imagine how confusing it would be to keep those straight in your head.