Love the Variety

Two days ago I was coding in ColdFusion and working in Flash. Yesterday I worked in Director. Today I will be doing some 3D modeling in Lightwave. Tomorrow who knows.

That is how I like it to be. DDA offers so many different services that I get to work in a number of different areas. I never have the thought of becoming bored with my job because everyday is different. It is more like having 10 different jobs and I don’t know which one I will be at during any day. Will I be a programmer today? Maybe I will be an animator and a 3D modeler. Maybe I will even be a web developer today.

Either way, the task at hand will never be stale because I always get a break from one area while I am working in another. It also helps to expand my skills in so many areas. Before I came here, I didn’t know ColdFusion and now I have a solid base in it. Director is my newest area and as I keep learning more I will only have more of a variety of jobs to do.

As they say, variety is the spice of life.