Make My CD-ROM Play!

You know how CD-ROM games, programs, and installations will launch their content automatically when you put them in your drive. Well I wanted to have a CD-ROM we made at DDA do that too. It has been done countless times here before, but now was my time to learn how to do it for a Macromedia Director application we made.

Now that I have learned how to do it, I must say that it is way simpler than I had ever expected. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do. The way to do it is simply to make a file called autorun.ini using notepad. This file will just have 3 lines of code. That’s it! Here’s the code you need:


You are simply giving this autorun file the name of the file that you want to be launched automatically and it does it. Something so easy and simple like that doesn’t come around too often, so I relish my brief new learning moment with it. Also, since you don’t need any special programs to make it, anyone can do it. Go ahead and try for yourself.