Marathon Complete

This past weekend we successfully lived through another movie marathon.  Needless to say, I am still feeling the effects of the grueling process of staying awake for so long.  There is always a point near the end of the marathon where I wonder why I continue to put my body through this torture, but then I remember how much fun it all has been over the previous 20-plus hours.  My laughing muscles have been put through a lot since they were getting a really good workout.  This was especially true during the hours when you are way past your bed time, but not yet dead tired and everything that is said seems three times funnier than it probably is.  You may be familiar with this feeling from a past sleepover party at a friend’s house as a child.  Talks of the next marathon are already underway and I know that I will go to it again and be happy, but for now I am stuck in recovery mode until probably this coming weekend where I will be able to sleep in for long periods of time for several days in a row.

It’s a good thing that the DDA work week is only 4 days long.  That extra day off is a lifesaver in instances like this.  Recovery is much more achievable with an extra day to use.  I know I will be fresh and ready next Monday for more Flash animation, Coldfusion programming, or whatever else I must do in order to get the job done.