Marathon Result

The movie marathon from this past weekend went well and had good moments, even though I eventually had to bail out and sleep because I wasn’t feeling well. I was told that I just missed one more good movie and I still listened to the ending awards over speakerphone. My movie choice won best death and best scene, though it didn’t bring home the coveted best movie award that brings with it the champion belt and automatic pick at the next movie marathon. What brought my movie down was a slow beginning that had possibly the worst sound recording and mixing ever in a legitimate film. The opening dialogue was in a bar and we could barely hear what the main character was saying over the crowd noise. In the next scene we were treated to an overly loud police siren in the background. When sound is done well you might not even notice it, but when it is done poorly it sticks out like a sore thumb and can really be aggravating. So my quest to win best movie continues, and as long as I get another pick at the next marathon, I already have one picked out that I think will be a winner. I always think that, but maybe this time it will be true.

At DDA we know how to properly record and edit sound in a video. So you won’t have to worry about people being distracted by bad sound in your corporate video. Our videographers appear to have much more expertise with video than the people who worked on “Bad Biology.”They must not have had an extensive proofing process like we do at DDA where numerous people will watch and review every project to make sure everything has come together correctly. If they had used our top notch audio video production, maybe I would be the one holding the belt right now. Actually scratch that because the movie could have used some better scriptwriting for the dialogue in the first half of the movie as well. It was horrible, but not in a funny way. DDA’s copywriting crew probably could have polished it up a bit to make the beginning scenes better. So get DDA on for your next video project and maybe you can bring home the big prize.

The winning movie by the way was actually really good and smart. It was called “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.” I recommend checking it out if you are into classic slasher movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. It gives them a whole new perspective.