Medical eLearning Application

I just got to start working on a section of a new medical eLearning application and this is the second project of this type. I like these kind of projects for some reason. Well anyway, the first one we made had users register and they would watch short medical videos one at a time with a multiple choice question showing below each video. Each time, they would submit their answer and move on, hoping to get a perfect score so they can get one of our automatically generated and personalized certificates in PDF form. There was also some back-end database programming so that the company could view the users who registered and see who had passed their test so far.

That was then, and this is now. Very similar to the previous example, this test has a series of three PowerPoint slideshows that are being synced to audio, which are followed by questions. Since these slideshows would take over an hour and a half to watch, this company wanted us to give users the ability to save their progress. This way they could log back in later and resume right where they left off. It’s a fun little addition to this application and I’m ready to flex my flash programming and Coldfusion programming muscles to tackle it. I’m sure the users will appreciate it too.