Method not Madness

I’m currently part of a group who are undertaking a large scale website update on numerous pages of a site. This task involves numerous changes on every page and can’t be done with a simple find and replace command because all this new information and alterations need to be tailored to the specific page.

On the first page I did this on, I had to actually get the changes made, and then make sure that all of the tables and everything else matched up to the example page we were provided. This was sort of working out the kinks and helped me find out what needed to be changed and in what way. This also took me a bit of time, but only so I could be sure it was all correctly done.

For the next few pages I knew what needed to be changed, but I still found myself wasting clicks. I would copy some ColdFusion link information from the old page and put it on the new page and then find that I needed that information later on another part. I would then have to go and copy and paste it again.

Finding all of these little details allowed me to create an order to do the changes. This new method made the time it takes me per page as efficient as it can be. Having a set routine also minimizes the chance that I would miss any part of the updates because each part is its own step.

Setting up a method for involved changes saves time, reduces errors, and can remove the madness from the whole process.