Mid-life Crisis

My dad has been on a buying spree lately. It seems like every weekend for the past month he goes out shopping for something. This past week he got a really expensive tractor. I’d say it’s his dream tractor. It was so expensive though, as far as tractors go, that I’m beginning to form a theory: I think my dad has begun a mid-life crisis. All the previous items he bought were exercise and fitness related, which is something he has never really done in his time off. His job is physical as it is so doing more exercise on his time off doesn’t seem helpful. Now, he thinks that riding a bike will make his body stop aching. I disagree, but he thinks it will help. The big ticket tractor purchase suits my dad more than splurging on some expensive sports car, and his age seems in line with a crisis. So in my head I think he’s there. I don’t know how long it lasts or anything, but fitness and a tractor aren’t too bad as far as side effects go. He deserves to get himself some presents anyway since he works so hard.

I don’t know if businesses have midlife crises, but I guess I don’t think they could. The workers and owners could make drastic changes, but the business itself isn’t alive, so I don’t think it can have a crisis. DDA has been around since the mid 90’s and has evolved along the way with technology. Since it is a company that uses technology, it has to evolve with technology or be left behind and go extinct with things like the VHS tape and the Walkman. DDA has evolved and now offers things like 3D animation, HD video editing, digital photography, custom programming,  copywriting, custom web design, and much more. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.