I’ve loved getting the mail since I was a kid. Running out to the mailbox after I saw the mailman pull away every Monday through Saturday was an exciting time. It’s like a mini-Christmas in itself. I didn’t know what would be in the mailbox until I opened it, but it’s the mystery of what’s in the box that got me excited. Most of the time it was all junk mail or just not for me, but sometimes I would get something. These days there is usually a day per week where I at least get to open up the mailbox and see some new Netflix videos inside. Now that’s a nice mailbox Christmas present.

Now that the real Christmas is coming though, the mail looks a little less impressive. For DDA, these next days leading up to Christmas are days to finish projects so that clients can have and bill projects by year’s end. So everyone is putting their game faces on during the workweek to churn out their best graphic design, 3D animation, video editing, website programming and more for all the clients who need stuff done. Efficiency and quality is the name of the game to finish our projects up to our standards while still keeping the clients happy. So while the elves are pushing to meet their deadline of Christmas eve, DDAers are pushing to finish many projects by year’s end.