Modern Business Warfare

The release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 managed to pull in the highest opening day release across all types of media. Meaning that compared to all movies, concerts, games, and everything else, this release generated the most revenue on its opening day. How impressive is that? Granted a movie ticket is a lot cheaper so you’d need to sell more to get that high, but conversely it would also be harder to convince someone to spend $60 on one item than $8 or $9. If I remember correctly, Modern Warfare 2 pulled in over $360 million in one day since most gamers obviously couldn’t wait until Christmas. I know they’ll sell at least on more copy because my brother did manage to wait.

So what was their secret. I don’t really think there was one. They made a great game the first time around that everyone loved and it became a huge success. A sequel in the video game world means better graphics, improvements, expansion, and a new storyline to play through. So basically everyone who loved the first game was dying to get their hands on the new one. They may have been able to get that extra few million in sales due to their television advertising efforts. In case you somehow missed the boat when the first game came out, they were letting you know that you need to have this one. Stating clearly that it is the most anticipated game of the decade, people got the sense that if they missed it they would be missing out on what everyone else would be talking about and playing. No one wants to be an outsider. So this should be a lesson to companies that a very important thing to keep a successful business is to have a high-quality product that people want or need. Advertising can’t keep you afloat forever, but it can get your foot in the door.

DDA has many return customers because of producing a high-quality product. Someone happy with a website design might later need a corporate video. Since they were pleased with the website and DDA also does video work, they return for their next project. Return business is key to staying afloat. That might be why some companies are going under while we are still hanging around. If you haven’t yet, give us a try so we can show you our best work.