Modern Conveniences

I met my girlfriend at Folk Fest Thursday night and arrived to rain. Luckily, we had a new tent that managed to avoid leaking, unlike the one that we slept in last year. After the rain passed, it was sunny and beautiful the rest of the weekend.

Perfect weather, though I had forgotten how cold it gets outside at night and how quickly it can warm up again in the morning. We would eventually get in the tent all bundled up like winter was coming, but the sun in the morning would heat us back up and we would keep waking up briefly just to remove some layers and try to sleep again. I’m so used to being in buildings with temperature controls and insulation that these temperature fluctuations seemed amazing.

There was lots of music running rampant in the campground, though at times it seemed like less overall compared to the past. The roving drum herd didn’t make an appearance until Saturday night. During the Saturday nighttime main stage acts, we were able to lay and listen and saw some shooting stars. It was a really awesome atmosphere and probably my favorite part of the trip this year.

Now, I’m back. I had the highly anticipated shower. I got to use a real bathroom with lights and a toilet instead of a port-a-potty and flashlight. I laid on a mattress instead of on a layer of sheets. All the conveniences are back. I guess it makes you appreciate them more being without them.

Even so, we already have new ideas for next year to juice up our campsite. Most importantly, we want to have our own campfire so we don’t have to search around to find open spots at other people’s during the cold nights. Hopefully our top secret marshmellow game will do the trick, otherwise we’ll have to hope we can get some guitar skills within the coming year.