More Snow

We’ve had a few snow storms now, and while none of them could be classified as blizzards yet, there is still plenty of coldness left in the coming month or two. In a couple more days, we should have another dose of snow. It again won’t be a blizzard, but it should put down another decent amount that will send out the plows and have homeowners donning shovels to clear their driveways. The temperatures are back at freezing again after a brief minor warm-up and they will make it right for snow that sticks. Hopefully it won’t get too icy. The snow this past weekend wasn’t too bad. It was a light powdery snow and the winds weren’t too crazy, so my brothers and I were able to shovel the driveway with ease. Instead of the back-breaking scoop and toss method, we were able to use a plow method. We would put our shovels on the ground and just walk them across to the other side where we would leave a pile of snow. We were done in a jiffy. If that’s how all shoveling was, people wouldn’t complain so much. In any case, it’s more snow over Tuesday night and we’ll have to wait and see just what kind of snow storm it will be.

DDA has it’s own pickup with plow as it was deemed more economical. Plowing companies make a fortune on business lot contracts so why not do it yourself. Well we’ve encountered a few possible reasons why, but the savings should still offset the higher post-accident insurance rates. It’s keeping our parking lot clear enough, so that is all that really matters. Those lucky southerners who don’t get snow must be saving a bundle in comparison. Maybe that’s a small part of why their prices are lower in general. Inside DDA there is no need for a plow; as long as we can get in the parking lot and into the door. Inside we do our usual work on 3D animation, video editing, digital photography, copywriting, custom web design, advanced programming, and more. So give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you.