More Tweaks

A final flash animation for a condom website is so close to being done.  I am just about finished with the second set of revisions.  Once this one is approved and posted, I won’t have to look at any more animated prophylactics for a long time.  I can’t wait.  Who knows though, maybe I’ll end up missing it and go watch the finished product myself again in a month or so.  You can watch these animations yourself at

These animations were made with a combination of 2D animation techniques and a bit of fancy flash programming in Actionscript 2.  They’re not too bad if I may say so myself, and the client seems happy so far with how they’ve turned out.  That’s probably because we try to accommodate every request they make for any modifications.  You too can have cool flash animations and demonstrations on your website.  We make them in all shapes, sizes, and designs.