Morning Squall

This morning met everyone in Bucks County with a fun little squall which seemed powerful enough to have been the remnants of some offshore hurricane or something. That might be an exaggeration but not by much. There was plenty of rain falling and plenty of wind. It has been one of the few times that the fastest setting on my windshield wipers was a requirement for proper driving instead of just an option. Driving was slow and cautious with the puddling conditions and lessened visibility. The walks to and from the car gave me a nice quick coating of rain, which kind of felt refreshing or awakening. I was tempted to just stand in it and feel nature’s wrath. Anyway, the drive here again reminded me of the movie “Flash of Genius” about the guy who invented the intermittent windshield wipers and had it stolen by Ford Motor Company. I wondered what the world would be like without windshield wipers today.

Every rainy day like today would be a day where production would come to a halt because people wouldn’t be able to get to work. Businesses and stores alike would remain closed with no workers or customers being able to travel anywhere by vehicle. Now that may not sound too bad. You would get to sleep in or maybe spend some more quality time with loved ones. But now think what it would be like if you were already at work and it started raining or if you were right in the middle of a long distance trip. That would be a nightmare. You would be trapped without food, maybe without a bathroom, and without your nice comfy bed for who knows how long. Rain doesn’t usually last mere minutes. It would be more like several hours to a full day before the rain would stop. Emergency response vehicles would be in trouble. Mail trucks wouldn’t be able to do their duty. It would basically shutdown the corporate world.

Innovation and inventions have formed the world we have today and we have to invent new things to support our inventions. Like we would be fine on rainy days without windshield wipers if we still lived in small towns and we walked everywhere, but once people really spread out and we invented cars and became dependent on them there became a new need for windshield wipers to support that invention. We made 10-story buildings. We invented the elevator. We made the television. We invented the remote control. There are plenty of examples out there. With every invention made there are new problems that are made that can be overcome with more invention. Things have been remade and redesigned over and over throughout time to get the best method for human use.

Usability is something that comes up in website talk all the time. At DDA we take usability into account when creating website designs and flash applications all the time. Questions are asked like “Will the non-computer savvy user understand how to use that,” “Does that add an unnecessary extra mouse click,” and “Is there a better way to do that?” In meetings, our designers, programmers, animators, and head honchos all discuss this and bring their own specialties to the table to figure out the best way to do everything from all perspectives. If it was just one department, some factors could be overlooked. For example, a graphic designer may not know what a programmer has to implement for something to be done that they find to be the best. With a programmer in the meeting, they can let the graphic designer know that this proposed solution would slow down the database queries and make the user wait a second or two longer for data to load. There are many intricacies that will only be known by certain specialists and need to be shared together. DDA knows this and has many internal meetings to discuss such matters and come out with the best final result possible. Call DDA today and let us make you the best media product that money can buy.