Movie Marathon Weekend

This weekend I am going to be spending a large portion of my time attending our third 24-hour movie marathon. It takes place in a dark basement with a rented projector and giant screen. It is always fun, but this one will be the best marathon yet by far. This one will be set apart by a couple big changes that needed to happen.

The first major change is that the people who attended the first two marathons get to each choose one movie to show with the requirement that you haven’t seen it or think no one else has seen it. The first marathons had movies that were movies all picked by the host and therefore limited the choices to his taste and movie knowledge. Along with everyone’s movie pick, we have to make our own intro video to say why we picked what we picked. Also, the movies are never revealed until they are shown and we are only provided with a vague list of clues.

The second change is that each person has to bring in their own food item. Before we all brought 5 dollars and some food was bought, but somehow it was never enough and there was always someone who was dissatisfied with the choice. This solves that problem because you know you’ll like what you brought yourself and there will be more other things to choose from that you’re bound to enjoy.

The concepts of these changes that will make this movie marathon a success are also key concepts to what make DDA a success. We have a varied staff with all types of people. This is accentuated by the fact that DDA offers so many services and therefore has so many departments. We have designers, writers, programmers, videographers, and other staff who all bring their own unique views, opinions, and personalities to the table. The variety here allows us to make any product we offer the best in all ways. A website can have the graphics from a creative designer, with the functionality from an expert programmer, and the content written by a degreed copywriter. This perfect storm of talent really does provide you with a superior finished product and it’s all found in this one company.

Variety is something that can benefit everyone. I really think it will make this movie marathon a success like it has made DDA a success. Just know that if I look like a zombie, talk like a zombie, or walk like a zombie this coming Monday, it is just because I was at a 24-hour movie marathon. There is also the chance that I was bitten by a zombie and am in fact a zombie. I recommend ignoring any zombie-like behavior, except for randomly expressing a love and need for brains. In that instance, you should probably issue me some head trauma.