Movies and Shows

I have been streaming videos more and more now from Netflix. We still get rented movies too, but I find myself heading to the streaming service more often the longer we have Netflix. It may be due to the instant variety at my fingertips, the ability to watch documentaries that my family doesn’t like without using up a pick, or the ability to watch TV series at a whim without needing to get shipped numerous discs containing the season episodes.

Currently I have two DVDs that I need to watch and send back. They are “Takers” and “Winter’s Bone.” I don’t have much time at night so I won’t be seeing them until the weekend, but I want to watch something. In swoops the Netflix streaming service to save the day. I pull up “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and watch another episode. It’s half the run-time of a movie and is just a really awesome show. Watching an episode at night has become a ritual almost, though I will soon run out of them. I don’t know if it’s more of a tribute to the show or the streaming service, but I know I wouldn’t be seeing this show without the streaming service.

I’m now thinking of trying out one of many other big name popular shows that I never saw from HBO and Starz. The ones I’m tossing around in my head currently are “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Weeds.” I’m sure there might be a couple others worth watching, but I can’t think of them. I also don’t want to go overboard watching shows, so I need to make sure I stay on a one show at a time schedule.

DDA knows how to work with streaming video. We may or may not use it as a way to present video on websites depending on the specific situation. Things like video length, the need to jump around in the video, and file size are all important criteria in the decision to use streaming video. We may not be showing big budget movies when we stream video, but our video editing experts turn out their own little masterpieces to show on websites that match the client’s specific needs. Along with digitally filming and editing a video, we can also use our animation skills to create a 3D animation video. This method is chosen for a variety of reasons and may be just the right option for you as well. So no matter what type of video you need, DDA can help you get the final product that you desire. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.