Murphy’s Law

“Whatever can go wrong will go wrong” is the mantra of Murphy’s law. I had one teacher in college that liked to talk about this saying frequently and especially in reference to today’s technological world. This teacher also liked to add on to the phrase the words “at the worst time.” This may seem very negative, but I felt like I was getting a dose of Murphy’s law yesterday.

You see there are many deadlines for projects all falling on this Thursday, which means many Flash programming and 2D animation projects must be finished. So on Wednesday I began as usual. The first sign of trouble came when I was trying to edit an Actionscript 3 file. It was working previously before it was sent to me and though unchanged it was getting a huge list of errors. All of these were due to it not loading any of the included files. Since we couldn’t pinpoint the problem I moved onto an Actionscript 2 project. This one I had been working on for a while and after making changes and testing it I found that any layer that was made transparent no longer would show up. None of them. I thought maybe the changes I made broke something, so first I searched for problems but couldn’t find any. I then went to open my last saved version from two days earlier and that one had the same problem. So I opened one from 3 weeks ago. That didn’t work either. I now at least knew it wasn’t my code that was the problem.

We assumed Flash was corrupted so I reinstalled the whole program, which isn’t very quick. I restarted my computer and left everything else closed. It didn’t fix anything. Now it appears that it is something with the computer causing these problems. In the end, I began working at the computer we use for the teleprompter during our video production, which was a pain since it only has one screen. I’m going to run a full virus scan and hope that can find and fix something.

As my teacher said though, it felt like Murphy’s law in effect and at the worst time.