Mutant Rambo

This weekend, I happened to sit and watch a Rambo movie marathon. I watched the first movie to the fourth movie back to back and I find that they are still great action movies to this day. The third one is my least favorite and the newer one has some bad acting and dialogue, but the first two are the best. I found it really funny seeing Sylvester Stallone age rapidly when going from the third to the fourth movie. It wasn’t that he looked that much older exactly, he just looked so different from his younger self. He was larger in general. I don’t just mean body weight, I mean his actual head seemed bigger and also a little more deformed. His face now looked like caricature interpretation of his old face. It looked like every feature was exaggerated. I don’t think he’s been actually boxing seriously, which would be one reason why his face may have looked messed up and swollen. I think his whole new enlarged self is due to taking HGH, the human growth hormone. I had heard of his promotion of this and that he takes it himself and now seeing the stark comparison to his old self I can tell you that that stuff must work. He certainly has grown, though I don’t know if it was really a good thing. I can see why a meat head would take the stuff for bulking up, but frankly it looks like it slowly turns you into a mutant. I don’t think they will list becoming a mutant as a side effect though. In fact, I doubt it’s regulated at all or approved by the FDA. So user beware, you may end up looking like a mutant or Mickey Rourke.

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