Need a Video Pro

The 24-hour movie marathons have been going on for some time now and we have finally reached a pinnacle. Coming next weekend is the 10th 24-hour movie marathon aptly named 24HMMX. For this special occasion we are reshowing 5 of the past marathons’ favorite movies as voted on by the attendees. Along with that, instead of randomly picking names out of a hat to be choosers, this special marathon had everyone choosing a movie, and the host got to select the best and brightest of the lot to be the ones that are shown. This weeds out any boring ones that may have ended up in the 4-5 a.m. time slot and guarantees a non-stop fun fest. Movies! Food! Action! Laughs! Surprises! Games! and more Movies! I am excited because this is destined to be the best movie marathon yet. A brand new projector and speakers round out the new additions, as the pickers compete to win the coveted “Best Movie” belt. I have yet to win, though I have snagged second place. This time my movie was chosen and I’m hoping that Bad Biology can bring me the belt. There is an award of a free selection for a best intro as well, but I haven’t had as much luck with that. I am working with inferior equipment to these film majors.

If I used DDA for my next intro’s production, maybe I’d have a shot. DDA has HD video cameras that take the best quality footage. The in-house video studio doesn’t hurt either. That’s packed with all the needed lighting equipment, microphones, and a green screen. The possibilities are endless when you have a green screen. I could pretend I’m anywhere by just sticking a fake background behind me. After filming I could get one of our videographers to do the professional video editing for me. With all their knowledge, experience, and tricks, they would be able to give my intro that extra something it’s been missing. I’d be a shoe in to win.

Your company can get DDA to do your video work for you. That’s what we’re here for. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.