Need the Right Tools

You can’t clean a pool without the right tools.  If a pool didn’t have filter pumps or the owner didn’t have a skimmer for the top, it would be nearly impossible to get a pool clean once, let alone keep it clean all summer.  Just try to pull out all the leaves and bugs floating on the surface with your hands.  It would be a nightmare.  Just try to get all the dirt and worms that accumulate at the bottom of the pool out with your hands.  You’re more likely to drown than to accomplish that task.  You just can’t do the job correctly or efficiently without the right tools.  That mantra doesn’t only apply to pool cleaning though, it applies to most aspects of our lives today, even web design.

Here we have all the tools we need to make the Internet products of today.  Computers with dual monitors (or just one big one if you’re packing a Mac, barf), HD video cameras for our in-house videography, all the Adobe software you could imagine for all of our custom programming, design, and video editing needs, Lightwave for 3D animation, digital cameras, and everything else we need.  It’s all here at our disposal for whatever crazy new ideas we will need it for next.

So if you want the best, you will need to go with a company that has all the right tools to make the best.  If we need to order something new to keep up with that ever-evolving technology curve, we will do so.  We know that you can’t build a skyscraper out of toothpicks and still have it pass building inspection.  You need those steel girders, those welding torches, those rivet guns, those cement columns, and everything else.

So yeah, tools are good.