New Phone in the Mail

My phone contract is finally up and the moment I’ve been waiting for has arrived. I am switching providers to join onto a family plan to save money and I get to pick a new phone. Hooray! Roughly 2 months into my last 2 year contract my phone broke. I had bought a slider phone so the screen was exposed. One day in my pocket it must have gotten squished a little too much and the interior screen broke and bled. The phone became unusable and I wasn’t going to buy a whole new one. I ended up finding the cheapest possible phone I could find on the internet that didn’t need a contract and I’ve been using that ever since and wanting to replace it the whole time. I couldn’t help but think that the phone’s screen was a little squishy on purpose. They wanted it to break so I would have to buy a new one and they make more money. After that incident I swore off all phones with only external screens. That means only flip phones for me. As I discovered recently, the selection of flip phones is quickly dwindling as people move to fancier smart phones.

So I did my internet research and found the phone I wanted. They ended up not stocking it anymore in stores where it sold for $79.99 with the 2 year contract. That ended up being a blessing in disguise because I was able to order it from Best Buy Mobile for free with the new contract. Awesome! I haven’t actually been able to check one out in person yet so I hope I’ll like it. It’s a flip phone that can open in 2 directions and the keypad changes from numeric to QWERTY depending on which way it’s opened. It’s also got an mp3 player, a camera, a social networking center, and some other bells and whistles that I’ve never had. It will be the fanciest phone I’ve ever had and I will have a lower monthly phone bill. It’s a win, win situation for me. It’s being shipped for free and I should have it by this weekend. I am really excited to see it.

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