New Portfolio

If looking at all of DDA’s past projects through the portfolio section of any of its sites, or through the select items shown in the Power Pyramid, or through the newest items shown on our latest and greatest page, or through the video items on DDA Video aren’t enough for you, then you are in luck. We will now be making a portfolio in a grid formation.

It will be somewhat similar to how DDA Video is arranged, but simpler in appearance and with different functionality. Now rolling over the items will bring up the content automatically and the content will be as interactive as it originally was. So Flash animations will play, web videos will play, interactive flip books will be usable, any Flash programming will be functional, etc. So if you haven’t yet gotten your fill of DDA’s projects for other clients, you will soon. This will pack as much punch as it can into your screen with a minimum of clicking, a maximum of information, and the ability to easily sort the content.

So stay tuned.