New Posters

Just yesterday, I stepped out into the main area of DDA and noticed something new. All of the new posters that our designers made have been printed and arrived here. I’m not even sure whether I should call them signs or posters. They look like posters, but the have a thickness to them and are stiff. Either way, they are here.

There is one for every DDA department we have, from our graphic design department to our programming department to our video department. Everyone is represented. Not only our departments have posters though. There is a poster for all of our DDA websites, like DDA Medical, DDA Apps, DDA USA, and the new home for our award-winning Search Engine Marketing services, DDA SEM.

I must say, it feels a little bit like walking through an art gallery with all of the large colorful posters now displayed on easels and on the walls. It’s not too much of a stretch though, since they really are works of art and checking them out as you walk by is a pleasure. It’s no wonder why our graphic designers are some of the best in the business.