New Sites Everywhere

Yesterday, I had to make two new request quote forms. One was for the new DDA applications site at

This site I knew about since I had to animate the logo for it and make the three animated buttons you’ll find on it. The other form was for another new DDA site at This site I had never heard of or seen before. It looks to be designed based on our new shiny gold award for being one of the Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Companies. Well, I was surprised that we created a whole new website under my nose, but I accepted that we are now in a larger building and everyone is spread out all over. Maybe I just didn’t get to see it when walking by like I may have in the older building.

Then at the end of yesterday I am told I need to make another new request quote form. What is this for now? It’s another new DDA site! Now where did this one come from?! You can see this one at

In a matter of a couple weeks, we have made three new DDA sites. Three! Out of the three, I had only heard about one and that was because I made a couple flash components for it. I am amazed at how quickly we have churned out these new sites. Obviously, they aren’t as vast as, but it is still impressive.

DDA works so quickly and with such purpose that I still find new components on our site…and I work here! You really would need a week to read the thousands of pages of content on our sites.

Luckily you don’t have to. Just find the services that you need and see what DDA can do for you.