New Surroundings

My family just moved to a different house and though we are renting temporarily while looking for a permanent house, it will be our house for several months. That means new surroundings and a new route to work. Many things will be different, but my family will stay the same and the move will be for the better of everyone. Everyone except my brother now has a shorter commute. I’ve shortened my drive by 5-10 minutes; though I’m still fine tuning my route.

My move reminds me of the move DDA made to a new building many months ago now. Though many things will be different, the expert staff that DDA has formed will stay the same. The same graphic designers, programmers, videographers, copywriters, photographers, and more. Also for DDA, the move was for the better of everyone. This new building has more space and was chosen with expansion in mind. So eventually the skilled staff will only be bigger and better than ever. DDA also now has the ability to host a larger and more impressive video studio. You can take a tour if you schedule an appointment.

Moving by choice can be change for the better.