New Terminology

Story-boarding 3D animations with 3D models is more time consuming than I had imagined. This is partly due to the model not having a skeleton, so each pose is actually modeled and not just animated into its position. It is also partly due to my lack of knowledge in medical terminology. The situation and pose descriptions are given to me by doctors in the profession and they are constantly using anatomical terms that I am not familiar with. Other doctors in their field would have no problem at all understanding what is being talked about, but the average person needs reference material to keep up. The doctors probably don’t realize this since they are surrounded by other doctors most of the time, so they aren’t to blame. I’m just saying that I am not up to snuff on the terminology of the human lymphatic system by any means nor any of the other examination terminology. Let’s just say I’ve been getting a lot of use out of search engines and online dictionaries lately to get the job done.

Everyone in every job has their own terminology and it usually has to do with the tools and technology they need to work with every day. So while I may not have the areas of the lymphatic system memorized, the doctors probably don’t know what a tween is in flash animation, or the difference between java and javascript, or the meaning of a join in mySQL. Neither the doctor nor I would know much terminology that a mechanic would know, or a stylist, or a construction worker, or a lawyer. Everyone has their own skill sets and knowledge that is relevant to their job. There is no good reason why you should or would try to do something that is outside our knowledge level just to try and save a couple dollars. You let the professionals do what they do best because that is why they are professionals at it. Trying to cut corners and costs by doing things yourself will usually end up costing you more in the long run because of problems and errors encountered from lack of experience. It’s like jumping in an ocean and planning to swim to shore, but you don’t know how to swim yet. You might be capable of doing these things, but that does not mean you will be able to right away with ease. Professionals go through years of training to get where they are and that’s why you pay them the big bucks to do it, right?

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