New Toys

With the summer weather came my family’s desire to play outside. To our initial dismay, all we could find left to play with was a mini Nerf football. So we made due last weekend, but intended to expand our ball inventory this weekend. We know we had a football, but it seems to have sprouted legs and left. We know our baseball gloves were left behind in the move along with our homemade basketball court. We didn’t really have an option but to leave the court behind. So this past weekend we set out  to get some more toys.

A simple trip to the store and we were back with a full-size portable basketball net, a new basketball, and a new football. We figured we’d replace the football that we got lots of use out of last year and add in a basketball net since that was our mainstay at our old house. With some simple car shifting, we could easily play on our new driveway. We cleared some space and aside from some blinding sun glare at certain angles, it worked well and was fun. I can’t wait until everyone is back from college on summer vacation so I can play with my brothers again. Countdown for that is one month.

If your business is getting excited and antsy for the summer months, why not get some new toys for it. A new website design,  a fun print advertising campaign, or some new updated product photography shots. Let your business have as much fun as everyone else and get it some new toys.