New Venture

I’ve decided that I want to take on a new venture and am going to start training for a triathlon next year. As a runner, I have always had a soft spot for cycling because they go so much faster and their legs don’t take the beating that runners’ legs do from pounding the pavement all the time. Running naturally is the cheaper way to go since you only need shoes instead of a road bike and a helmet. Who looks good in spandex anyway? I’ve come around to wanting a new challenge and cycling looks fun to me. Swimming on the other hand is scary to me. Not that I can’t swim or anything, but swimming out far into a lake or ocean with possible waves is pretty intimidating. It will add a bit of an adrenaline rush to a race… or a panic attack. I also did just watch a bunch of shark week shows recently to make it extra scary.

I’ve been intrigued by triathlons for a long time and it was really only costs that were holding me back. I really wanted to do one in college, but on my poor college kid budget I just couldn’t afford all of the equipment I would have needed to do so. Along with the bike gear I’d need goggles and a wetsuit and probably a membership to the Y for their giant pool. I figure I’ve saved enough at this point and I can afford it now. So I’ve begun the equipment research stage.

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