New Year, New Business

Happy New Year everyone. Now that we have been thrust back into work mode in the beginning of 2009, it’s time to refocus. Even though there are some projects still underway from last year that are on their way to being wrapped up, I am already looking forward to see what new projects we might undertake in 2009.

Every year that DDA has been around there have been technological advances and our work reflects that. Things that were new and inventive in 2008 may be commonplace in the new year and there will be new things to thrill and excite our minds. One application that I was amazed by is the Dorman 3D interactive trade show booth that was made with Actionscript 3, Flash programming, and Flash animation. It is really cutting-edge and impressive in its own right. But come 2009, it may be a piece that we base many other projects off of and they won’t seem as amazing anymore.

Rogue developers and companies alike are all innovating to make web technologies more and more advanced. All the new applications and tools keep web developers and programmers busy. I know Adobe creative suite 4 is ready to go and I am looking forward to getting my hands on it to test out its new capabilities. I just know though that the project that will blow me away in 2009 is something that I wouldn’t even have imagined in 2008.