Next Abode

Today will be my last day with a shorter, though still not under 30-minute, commute. My family is moving to a new house and it is back where I used to live before we moved into the current rental that we reside in. Luckily, we’ve only been in this rental for a few months so I don’t have much of an emotional attachment to it. In fact, there are a couple things that I can’t wait to get away from, mostly the lack of a modern convenience we all know as a dishwasher. The worst part has got to be the physical process of moving. All the carrying I had to do from 3 months ago is suddenly fresh in my mind again, and my back is aching in anticipation.

I remember when DDA moved last year too. At least then the furniture carrying was left to the professionals, while we only had to handle our own computers and workspace items. It was a move needed for growth since it was getting quite crowded in the previous building. I think the most memorable sign for needing to move was when we were told not to chew, type, or move loudly during a video shoot in case some of the noise would be picked up by the microphone. This was basically because we were working mere feet away from the video shoot itself! We now have plenty of room for all the videography projects we do thanks to a much larger in-house video studio. I am now free to type away as loudly as I want on any programming project and we now have a kitchen were we go to eat. You can chew as loudly as you want there, but if you’re too loud you may still get some stares from other eaters. Our copywriting team has the whole upstairs to themselves, while programmers, graphic designers, animators, and everyone else are disbursed throughout the offices downstairs.

Both moves I’ve been in are necessary. At DDA it’s now easier to be productive during a video shoot because you can again concentrate on the work in front of you instead of wondering how loud your keystrokes are. You can come see our new place anytime you want if you schedule an appointment. Just go to our website at and contact us. Sorry, but the same does not go for my family’s new house.