Next Please

Christmas is over… sigh. So let’s move on to the next holiday and start getting excited for New Year’s! It may lack the awesome gift-giving, delicious dinner, and warm feeling that Christmas brings, but it is still a holiday and we get time off to have fun with friends and family.

First things first though, we have to work this week. As everyone is fully rested and is riding the leftover merry feelings from Christmas, this week should be highly productive. Our writers upstairs will probably be overflowing with words and spewing copywriting content now that their minds and typing fingers are rested. Our programmers have finally had a nice break to rest and refresh their minds and may now be able to “see” the code again (like in the first Matrix movie). I’m sure the graphic designers and animators are also ready and willing to let loose their creative sides on something productive once again. Also, the videographers are itching to fill up some more tapes with footage so they can edit some masterpieces.

I don’t know what people would do without holidays. They give everyone a break to see their loved ones and to relax. I think everyone would just burn out eventually without them. Luckily, we do have holidays and I believe that they help productivity when people return, though maybe not in the early morning.