No Flash, No Problem

We have a client who we recently made an animated logo in Flash for. It’s a nice looking sphere that spins when you initially arrive at the page and when you mouse over it.

The question came up as to what would happen if the people viewing his website did not have Flash player installed on their computer. Well, this was no problem. In this case, we generally make it so that a link is provided in the place of the Flash that would take you to the download page for the latest Flash Player. Our client said that he would rather not send people to download things due to the type of users that would be using his website, and he also expressed that having the logo present in every case is essential. This too was no problem. Instead of a link to the Flash player download page, we can have it display a static image of whatever is needed. In this case, it could be a static image of their logo.

All of this Flash player detection is made possible by using a Javascript file called swfobject.js. This is a free javascript file you can find on the Internet. You will need to include it on the page you are making and learn how to implement it since it will not be calling Flash swf’s in the way that you are used to. This function basically lets you make a div layer with whatever link or static image you may want to display if there is no Flash player on the user’s computer. Then the new method of calling Flash will let the web page do nothing and leave the static image visible or it will overwrite the current content on a desired div layer with the Flash swf that you are calling if the user does have Flash player.

It’s very useful for instances like the one we just came across. It is actually a safe bet to use it with all Flash you are posting just in case someone does not have the latest version of Flash player and you require it.