No Impact or Huge Impact

To get more ideas for my family’s money-saving plan, I watched a documentary called “No Impact Man” a couple weeks ago. It was about a family of three who were going to live for a year without making any environmental impact. They did phase the plan in, but for the last 6 months it was in full steam. First they went vegetarian and only bought from farmer’s markets to avoid packaging and animal pollutants. Everywhere they went was done by walking or biking and using the stairs to not pollute. They also didn’t buy anything new, like clothes or shoes, when you could find used alternatives at consignment shops. There were a couple other phases, which are more hazy in my mind, but the final phase was to completely cut the electricity. This was an interesting undertaking and proved difficult, but they finished. One such difficulty was creating a useful fridge to keep their food cold. The wife sometimes cheated on the plan, but the husband held strong with some bending, but not breaking of the rules. After the year was over, they had learned a lot and while they will again use electricity and do some of the other things they used to, they decided to carry over some of the new habits and environmentally-friendly methods they learned and used over the course of the experiment.

“No Impact Man” was a bit extreme, especially when you see them freezing in an apartment during the winter. It also could only be done in a city setting due to our dependence on cars in suburban areas where everyone probably averages a half hour commute to get to work. Either way it was interesting.

While they aimed to make no impact on the world’s environment, DDA aims to make a huge impact in the global advertising world. With graphic design, commercial scriptwriting, and video advertising, DDA hopes to make innovative and memorable media that will please our clients and be remembered and appreciated by our client’s clients.