Northern Lights

I was alerted to the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights last night by Mick, though of course I forgot to look. So they may have been visible or they may not have for me based on where I live. I don’t really know. Luckily others in the US were paying attention and they took some amazing pictures that they then graciously posted on Flickr. It doesn’t really say where any of the pictures were taken, but who cares. They look really cool. I’m sure they are more awe-inspiring in person, but this will have to do for now. Maybe I’ll remember to check the skies tonight. I don’t know if the Northern Lights are supposed to still be viewable, but a starry sky is still beautiful in its own right.

It may not be a real sky, but the sky in the DDA Carnival website main screen is quite pretty. The purple, blue, and pink mixture is quite vibrant and would make an amazing sunset scene if it was real. Check it out on the website at While you’re there you might as well play a game or two. It is actually a giant portfolio of our work in disguise so expect to see a lot of custom web design, digital photography, 3D animation, audio video production, flash animation, and much more. Don’t forget to have fun too though; I mean it is a carnival. There’s a fun house, haunted house, freak show, and other wacky things to explore so get going. A helpful hint: avoid the under-construction lands, they’ll just be a waste of your time. Enjoy!