Notepads make Flash Animation and Programming Easier

Although I am very computer savvy and was raised in this computer age, I still like a good notepad to keep my thoughts straight and to stay on task. At DDA, I constantly have at least 4 windows open with different programs. Outlook is always open so I can continuously communicate with co-workers and stay in on the project loops. I also always have Firefox open since it is my main browser of choice and I use it to get to the DDA Trac to keep track of all my work time. I also always have my music player open so I can listen to my favorite podcast while I work away. Then I also have Dreamweaver open just because I know I will be using it shortly whether or not I am planning on it.

The rest of the open programs depend on the current task at hand. If I am tackling some 2D animation or actionscript programming I will have Flash open. If I am doing some 3d modeling or 3d animation I will have one or two of Lightwave’s programs open. If I am working on Coldfusion programming or doing website updates, I will mainly use Dreamweaver, but I will also have all my browsers open so I can see how it looks on each. I currently have Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on my machine.

With all these programs running and windows open, I need my notepad to view my current tasks, to organize my thoughts, or to plan out my ideas before programming.

The best part about a notepad is that it will always be right there. If this information was on my computer, I would have to minimize and maximize it constantly to check it so that it wouldn’t get in the way of the workflow with all the other windows I have open.