Oh Well

The Internet is an interesting place. We might be taking down a contest for a client that had a $5,000 prize because of lack of interest. This is crazy seeing as their free samples have been in super high demand on the site to the point that we had to put a daily limit on the request amounts. You would think that out of the thousands and thousands of people requesting free samples quite a few would try to take a shot at entering a contest with a nice cash prize. Apparently not though. I might blame the risque subject matter of the videos that they are requesting people to make, or I might blame the high-quality of the “dummy” videos that posted to make it seem like the contest already had some entries since they may have intimidated people enough to think that they had no chance to win against these entries. Either way, the end might be near and I for one am bummed about it. I was the one who did the flash programming and flash animation for the whole project. I had worked furiously on it since it had a tight deadline and I really liked the final product when it was done. Now I won’t really be able to show anybody what I made since it may not be live anymore. Oh well. I’ll just have to make something else cool.

So if your company has a cool project idea that you need someone to do you can come right here. We handle all types of projects and like to push all the boundaries. While I may only deal with Flash, 3D animation, and custom programming projects, we also handle graphic design, web design, videography, digital photography, copywriting, and more. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote. It’s as simple as that. You can even stop by the office in Southampton and take a tour if you happen to be in the area. Check out our website at zeroonezero.com and we can get started today.