Olympic Weekend

The Olympics have been sucking up most of my TV watching time lately. I usually just watch the new Netflix movies over the weekends, but the Olympics seem to have trumped that habit. Since a movie is usually a 2-hour block of time, I couldn’t really find any good places to fit them in without spilling over into Olympic coverage. I, like many, have been glued to the screen watching and and learning about curling. It is getting a surprisingly large amount of coverage for such a tame sport, which is something I can’t say for Table Tennis in the summer Olympics even though it is more quick and action packed. Unfortunately our curling teams on both the men’s and women’s sides are pretty lousy from most of what I’ve seen. The team leaders seem to have problems with routine shots and are just choking in general. They even had a benching controversy on the men’s team. In my opinion they should start benching a certain someone on the women’s team as well.

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