The latest snow is happening today. There is that ominous feeling as we sit and wait helplessly as the clouds slowly move toward us. There is no escaping the snow. We can’t direct it to go elsewhere. We can’t turn it off. No, we must wait for it’s arrival and do our best to clear it out as it continuously pours down on us. It is one of nature’s unstoppable forces that we must cower before. It luckily isn’t on the severity scale of a hurricane, earthquake, or volcanic eruption, but it probably happens more often. In those freak situations where people get 10 plus feet of snow, it can really be crippling for cities and literally trap people in their homes. From the latest data that I heard, we are only getting 4 to 7 inches. That makes for some dangerous driving conditions, but won’t be trapping anyone in their homes. This is different since we are in the Northeast and get snow regularly every year. For more southern states who have warmer climates and rarely get snow, something like 4-7 inches of snow could possibly put them out of commission for a couple days. People there just aren’t used to clearing snow efficiently or driving in snow at all because generally they don’t need to be. For us in the Northeast, many places will close or open with delays, but all should be back to normal the next day.

At DDA, we have 4-day work weeks, so snow days are snow problem. Sorry for the lame joke, let’s move on. Tomorrow for instance will be a nightmare trying to drive to work. Many will need to shovel very early in the morning and we’ll also have to wait on plows to clear the roads. So tomorrow, DDA will be closed and we will work Friday instead. It’s usually a day off, but now it can be used as a make-up day. Then we can get in any work on 3D animation, video editing, graphic design, and other things that we may have missed on Wednesday. That’s another benefit of the 4-day work week system. No missed snow days. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.